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GLS Sprachenzentrum: Einstufungstests

Die Einstufungstests haben ein Zeitlimit von 30 Minuten und dienen Ihrer persönlichen Orientierung. Wenn Sie eine Sprachreise mit GLS machen, findet am Kursort immer auch ein Einstufungstest statt.

Wenn Sie wissen möchten, welches Sprachzertifikat Sie auf Ihrem aktuellen Niveau machen können, klicken Sie bitte hier.

Einstufungstest Englisch

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Die Testdauer ist beschränkt auf 30 Minuten

1) What ___ the word “gentleman” __?

2) Where __ you born?

3) Bremen is __ Hamburg.

4) Mike always __ tea.

5) There is a calendar __ the wall.

6) The president is arriving __ Friday __ noon.

7) On Saturday evening Albert and his wife ___ a play by Goethe.

8) They __ a taxi to get to the airport.

9) Do you like that shop? Yes, I __ every week.

10) __ me. Where is the main station?

11) We had a meeting __.

12) Nelson Mandela is one of the leaders __ won the Nobel Peace Prize.

13) I __ that he is a good manager.

14) Your siblings are your__.

15) I __ at 6 in the morning.

16) Don’t __ to contact us if you have questions.

17) I always __ my homework.

18) He is saving his money __ a new television set.

19) Let me __ my answer.

20) Okay, we’ll see __ tomorrow.

21) Twenty years __ the Berlin Wall collapsed.

22) What __ you __ yesterday morning at ten o’clock?

23) She is a fan of pop music. She likes __ classical __ jazz music.

24) Were there __ messages for me while I was away?

25) When I __ home, I first switch on the radio.

26) Who do you think is the __ sportsperson in Germany?

27) John is __ a new camera.

28) Will you get __ to me?

29) Have you seen my wallet? I can’t find it __!

30) The pocket money __ I earned, I spent on music and sweets.

31) A mobile phone is a __ gadget because it features many useful functions.

32) They decided yesterday. They __ to the concert in London next week.

33) Last week the government announced the price of petrol __ by 10c per litre.

34) This __ the best performance by a British team since the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

35) After work we normally __ a drink in the pub.

36) John and Janet are using their parent’s car while __ is being fixed.

37) I ask __: do I deserve all this?

38) Have you finished writing the e-mail? – No, not __.

39) Miriam was promoted and __ a new position.

40) You are a reliable person, __?

41) He’s __ 40 on his next birthday.

42) It was __ a warm day! We felt __ exhausted because of the heat.

43) Would you mind opening the door for me?

44) We will deliver your order three days __ today.

45) I’m looking forward to __ my holiday.

46) Can you tell me __ it is true?

47) The twins have a lot __.

48) A meeting at seven in the morning is __.

49) The Blue Lagoon is a great restaurant – why don’t you __?

50) Steven __ me that he __ New York last year.

51) Webdesign Inc. __ overtime recently __ they can meet their deadlines.

52) If I __ the chairman of the board, I __ many policies.

53) I failed the test. I __ a stronger effort.

54) The cupola of the German Reichstag in Berlin __ by Sir Norman Foster.

55) We were impressed by the airline’s service. The flight attendants __ for us.

56) Take time for your loved ones __ busy you may be.

57) Mary has not arrived yet. She __ an accident.

58) A bonus is an __

59) GLS offers __ language courses.

60) “What a sumptuous meal!” Does this mean that the meal was…?

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