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Cambridge Certificates for Students

GLS is an examination center for all Cambridge certificates. Questions? Call: (030) 780089-22

Many education ministers recommend students take one of the Cambridge exams as an additional qualification. GLS cooperates with the Berlin Senate in the Cambridge ESOL at Berlin schools project. The goal: better job opportunities through certified English language ability: more

GLS provides schools a 10% discount

... in any application for a Cambridge Certificate. In a multiple application of 10 people or more, a discount of 20% applies.

Which certificate and when?

  • Class 5-7: YLE
  • Hauptschule, Class 9 - 10: KET
  • Realschule, Classe 9 - 10 and Gymnasium, Transition Sec. II: PET
  • Gymnasiale Oberstufe: FCE und CAE
  • Abitur: CPE

For the YLE, KET and PET exams, only the following dates are available (see below). For  FCE, CAE and CPE preparation courses are also available. more on these courses and schedules.

Dates 2017

Click on the name of an exam to see the respective dates.

Niveau A 1

Niveau A 1

YLE Exam at GLS: 80 €
09.05.2017until 28.03.2017
11.05.2017until 28.03.2017
30.05.2017 *until 13.04.2017

* All of the above dates are for YLE Flyers (80 €), on 30.05: additionally YLE Starters (70 €) and YLE Movers (75 €)
exams take place at GLS in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg (Kastanienallee 82) or upon request, with multiple applications of 50 participants or more, at  premises designated by you.

Niveau A2

Niveau A2

KET Exam at GLS: 105 €Registration
22.03.2017 (CB)until 28.02.2017
15.06.2017 (CB)**until 24.05.2017
28.11.2017 (PB)**until 20.10.2017

Preparation courses available. Online registration for KET exam
* CB = computer based, PB = paper based
For schools, i.e. for young examinees

Niveau B1

Niveau B1

PET Exam at GLS: 115 €Registration
08.12.2016 (CB) **until 17.11.2016
02.03.2017 (PB)until 20.01.2017
17.06.2017 (PB) until 28.04.2017
22.06.2017 (CB) ** until 31.05.2017
28.11.2017 (PB) **until 20.10.2017
01.12.2017 (PB) until 20.10.2017

Preparation courses available. Online registration for PET exam.
* CB = computer based, PB = paper based
** for schools,
i.e. young examinees

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