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GLS Sprachenzentrum: Einstufungstests

Die Einstufungstests haben ein Zeitlimit von 30 Minuten und dienen Ihrer persönlichen Orientierung. Wenn Sie eine Sprachreise mit GLS machen, findet am Kursort immer auch ein Einstufungstest statt.

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Einstufungstest Business English

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Die Testdauer ist beschränkt auf 30 Minuten

1) The process of bringing about decisions:

2) An agenda point: __ of the previous meeting.

3) An apology:

4) The kind of work __you do:

5) - _____________________?
- I work in public relations. I design product launch campaigns for an international company.

6) Adding another document or publication to an e-mail or a letter:

7) A category of worker.

8) Let’s meet __ tomorrow.

9) Our CEO has the same car __ our CFO.

10) I’m so busy. I __ a break the whole day.

11) The person in charge.

12) You are accountable for your decisions, __?

13) Something you can’t do with an appointment.

14) I look forward __ our counterparts.

15) You’re having problems understanding new colleagues in a conference call. Your polite request is:

16) To__ an office or a company.

17) The motor is ___ part of a car.

18) Our CEO doesn’t like delays. __ my supervisor.

19) This is not an objective of our company.

20) We’ve had a change in management. Our new manager is the __ of his__ in this company.

21) At the meeting the speaker presented an __ proposal to his __ audience.

22) What can you not spend?

23) When making a case:

24) The process of registering when arriving at work and leaving your workplace.

25) I work for the sales department. I am __ sales.

26) Many expensive cars have __ high running costs.

27) The company is planning __ its operations.

28) Johnson & Co. hope that their costs will stop __ in the next quarter.

29) The __ trend is to make investments with low risk.

30) During a presentation you invite your audience to interrupt you.

31) What __ if they __ the senior manager?

32) The company ___ its policies even if it __ the court case.

33) He wouldn’t have resigned if he __ a promotion.

34) To disagree slightly.

35) After setting particular sales targets, they can be

36) Please __ me of our meeting next week. I won’t __ it.

37) This is not a visual aid.

38) For not adhering to legal requirements a __ can be imposed.

39) You would like to suggest an idea.

40) People using the same mode of transport and the same route to and from work daily.

41) We have a very __ assessment system. It produces excellent results.

42) Donations to charitable organisations are

43) When different pieces of equipment (e.g. computers) can communicate with each other:

44) “This does not necessarily lead to the termination of employment.” This statement implies:

45) John paid for his hotels and meals whilst on the road. Now he wants to be __ for the costs by his company.

46) Not part of the supply chain.

47) We have not received our consignment yet. __ to the wrong address?

48) To be given the opportunity to speak by the chairperson of a meeting.

49) When two or more companies come together, it is referred to as a/an:

50) A company that is partially or fully owned by a parent company is a/an:

51) A document that shows a company’s financial position is a/an:

52) A group of people elected by shareholders to manage a company is a/an:

53) The annual income of a company is also called the:

54) One of the shares into which ownership of a company is divided:

55) Something that helps your company do better than others is a/an:

56) Things that are of value to your company that can not be measured or calculated are called:

57) The amount of business done in a particular period of time measured by the amount of services/goods sold is called:

58) A brand/product that is widely available is__.

59) You’re submitting an application for an advertised position. You don’t need a ___.

60) The total income package of an executive manager is his/her

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