Sue Herbert

Name: Sue Herbert
Aus: Haslingden bei Manchester, GB

Sue Herbert works for GLS as Team leader for Cambridge ESOL exams. This involves training and supervising the oral examiners for exams such as BEC or FCE and dealing with lots of paperwork. After studying in London, she worked as an English Teacher in GB, Italy and Turkey before moving to Berlin in 1991.

Welche Sprachen sprechen Sie?

English, German, rusty French and a smattering of Italian and Turkish

Was mögen Sie an Berlin?

The bars, cultural life and (in the summer) the surrounding lakes

Was an Berlin oder den Berlinern gefällt Ihnen weniger?

Dealing with bureaucracy

Wo in Berlin trifft man Sie oft?

In an English-speaking cinema

Wo würden Sie gern für 1 Jahr leben?


Wie beginnt Ihr idealer Tag?

With a cup of tea in bed

Wie endet ein idealer Tag für Sie?

With a cup of tea in bed

Welche Fragen bekommen Sie gern gestellt?

Another glass of champagne?

Welche Fragen mögen Sie nicht

What’s your real job?