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High School: Erfahrungsberichte & Forum

Hier findest du Erfahrungsberichte zu High School Schüleraustausch in den USA, Kanada, Australien, Neuseeland, Frankreich, Spanien etc ...

2007 für ein Schuljahr in Queenstown, Südinsel, Neuseeland
Staatliche Schule mit Wahl
Wakatipu High School

Hier der Bericht von Luise:

Hello GLS!

Well, now that more than half of my time here is over I've just started to feel really comfortable here in Queenstown:) It was quite hard for me at the beginning to get used to the more rural life (I live about 1 hour from town somewhere in the countryside). Queenstown's smaller than I thought, though full of tourists!! For me it's a lovely small town surrounded by mountains and Lake Wakatipu.

But most important is of course: the school!!;) Well, at first, in New Zealand at this time it's always hard for international students to make Kiwi friends, coz there are just so many of us. Sure, it’s a lovely country, everyone wants to go there! That's why in the beginning I made heaps of friends from all over the world(which is of course a good thing). After a few months luckily I started to get to know some Kiwis better and by now I'm really proud of saying I have also quite a lot of close Kiwi friends. That’s mainly thanks to the long time I've been here, so I'm glad I'm staying for one year. The school in general is more formal than in Germany, but also includes a lot more than only studying. There are heaps of activities, the teachers are very supportive and always know what's going on in Queenstown, the High School is like a real community .

Life here is in general more relaxed than in Germany, though Queenstown compared to the rest of New Zealand really is a kind of its own! Some describe the people here as more rude, which I think is a bit true. But you really meet so many different nationalities here! Well, with my hostfamilies I haven't been all that lucky after all, they mainly lost interest in me after a few weeks, that's way I also had to become quite independent (getting home on my own and stuff like that), but well, you can't have everything, can you? ;)

I'm really quite active here, I've done several tramps (that's hiking with a 10 kg pack on ur back,lol), some of them almost killed me :) and of course I'm doin lots of walkin to save the money for the bus :))

Well, so I I've had quite a lot of experiences (also quite a lot of bad ones, though I didn't mention them :))and I also become very homesick sometimes but I'm really happy I came here, you should advise everyone to cum to Queenstown, it's beautiful here and you don't have to be a big outdoor freak to enjoy it (though you surely becum one after a year And it's just the best school of them all!;) Yeah, I'm not wearing a school uniform, because I'm Year 13 this year, so I can go in mufti. I didn't even realize someone took a photo of me, lol. Alright, I think i wrote far too much , yes of course you can put that on your homepage if u like, that would be cool!

Oki, so thanks for your Mail I really have to go now, I'll be a good girl and do my homework ;) See you in summer(or winter, whatever),