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High School: Erfahrungsberichte & Forum

Hier findest du Erfahrungsberichte zu High School Schüleraustausch in den USA, Kanada, Australien, Neuseeland, Frankreich, Spanien etc ...

Weil am Rhein
2011 für ein Schuljahr in Auckland, Neuseeland
Staatliche Schule mit Wahl
Northcote College

Hier der Bericht von Ramona:

Thanks to the Northcote College International Office:

If you arrive in New Zealand and meet a lovely secretary with the driest humor you have ever met & makes you laugh every time and the Homestay Manager explains with the most gorgeous smile“ I am Margaret, not Miss McLaren..Or am I too old to have a first name?!? “THEN you know you are an international student on Northcote and the following terms just are going to be amazing with exciting new experiences about a foreign language, culture and school system.

As an international you are approximately just 15-17 years old, probably left home for the first time and have to fight against the sometimes upcoming issues with the ability to express oneself in a new foreign language.

In the beginning you may struggle to find connection in this “random” new country, because you may not understand the foreign habits and even the food just weird and why does everybody says “sweet” when the context is not containing food?!?

But there is one fact which is existent- doesn´t matter what your mother tongue, skin color or school education is, and that is that the superb trio out of Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Scott and Homestaymanager Margaret McLauren will help you out in every way if you just trust them.

And you can trust them- I and many other students trust them every day with visa, homestay, subjects, money, language and many many more problems.

And they are always there for us- the best thing is that they did not forget to lose their friendly and personal appearance next to their high professional level they show every day (even weekends) to represent Northcote College worldwide.

I think it is time to thank this amazing team for their support, because this mixed- cultural school would not be the same without the outstanding support those ladies bring in every time it is possible.

I have been 19 month in New Zealand and when I first arrived here I never expected I would like them so much that I just pop over in lunch to ask how it is going.

Thank you Mrs. Smith for your constinuierly professional and realistic support, Mrs. Scott for the patience you have with us lost students and Margaret for your passionate believe in us to become a fixed part in the Northcote- Kiwi society and to find us the best suitable host family on the other side of the world.

Ramona Schindler

Auszug aus dem Jahrbuch 2010 des Northcote College