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Auslandspraktikum England
  • Architektur, Kultur, IT, Medien ...
  • London, Brighton, Torbay
  • Dauer: ab 4 Wochen

ab 795 €

Auslandspraktikum in England: Wie bewerbe ich mich?

Wie sollte ein Bewerbungsschreiben aussehen? Dazu einige Tipps von Garth, Geschäftsführer der Sprachschule in London, an der Sie vor Beginn Ihres Praktikums einen Englischkurs absolvieren können:

  1. In writing a letter of interest it is important
    that you are both friendly and polite in your style but start and end the letter with the appropriate formality: Dear Sir/ Madam - Yours faithfully. The following guidelines may be of help:
  2. Talk about yourself
    Letters and cvs should contain information about yourself only - not about your family, except in the circumstance that you work for your family company.
  3. Describe your educational & professional background
    It is important that you describe anything you have done in the past and say what you enjoyed about it.
  4. Always be positive.
    If you didn’t like a particular job you did, don’t mention it at all.
  5. Be open
    When describing what you would like to do, be as open and flexible to possibilities as possible, so that you don’t limit your chances. Eg I have studied marketing and particularly enjoyed the experience I had at BMW working in the “xyz” team, where I learned how to…………., but I would be open to any opportunities within the marketing field in any type of industry.
  6. Describe why
    you think working in a company in the UK would be beneficial to you (can widen your cultural understanding, meet different nationalities, use the English you have learned for the last 10 years etc)
  7. Describe what
    you can bring to the office, so that the manager has a positive view of you from the letter. Eg I can bring an enthusiastic attitude and I am always quick to learn.