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Auslandspraktikum in Kapstadt, Südafrika
  • Soziales & Naturschutz
  • in Kapstadt
  • min 2 Wochen

ab 675 €

Praktikum im Bereich Soziales - bei einer NGO in Kapstadt

Reemda, 22, hat mit GLS ein Schulpraktikum  in Kapstadt bei der NGO help2read gemacht. Sie hat Innendienst im Büro gehabt, aber auch in der Schule bzw. "draußen" gearbeitet, als Lehrerin in den townships von Kapstadt. Ihre Chefin war Janet Bruwer:


Janet, could you please describe your organisation? 

Janet: We are a non-profit organisation committed to providing children with the prospect of a better future through developing their reading ability and building self-esteem. At the moment we are 9 members of staff in the office and 400 volunteers are working in 105 primary schools across Cape Town. Reemda has been working in our office as well as outside, teaching kids. 

How many of your volunteers are interns from abroad? 

Janet:  Only a few. The majority of our volunteers are parents who themselves live in disadvantaged communities and who, through this project, found purpose and inspiration.  

So parents profit, too? 

Janet: Exactly. Parents who volunteer see that as a training in general life skills, and as far as the kids are concerned, teachers report dramatic improvement of their reading ability and attitude to learning.  Because of the positive interaction with volunteers and constant encouragement, children start to love books and the experience of reading.   

What kind of qualifications do you expect from an intern? 

Janet: Our minimum requirements are that interns should be older than 18 and have good English language skills. Effective reading helpers are patient, able to listen and work effectively with children.   

How are the children reacting towards international interns? Are there any prejudices you experienced? Any ‘rich white girl wants to help poor black kids’ issues? 

Children are generally very pleased at having a guest who came from overseas to play games and read with them.  In turn, international interns are provided the opportunity to experience South African cultures and education system.  Interns often stay in contact with us long after leaving the country and continue to donate much-needed resources to our programme.