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Lehrer/innen in Neuseeland und ...

... was sie sagen über Austauschschüler:

Nicola Manoa, Auckland

Nicola ist Lehrerin am Northcote College in Auckland.

"We have about 80 international students every year, from Germany, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Vietnam.

As teachers we are interested in the cultural and personal experience of our international students. I personally have consistently found German international students to be the most highly motivated and academically capable. They are able to maturely balance both social and academic aspects of their school experience in New Zealand. These students are inquisitive and seek support from their teachers and peers where required."


Jackie Druitt, Auckland

Jackie unterrichtet Drama an der Epsom Girls Grammer School in Auckland.

"We usually have 8 or 10 students from Germany every year, other international students are from Asia, Latin America, occasionally from Africa and also from other European countries.

German students fit in very quickly to classes. In Drama, they take opportunities to perform with energy and commitment. They take their responsibilities seriously and generally learn lines well and perform confidently and in role. Without exception, the German students whom I’ve taught in Drama, have had excellent bi or multi lingual skills which has helped their understanding of characters and situations. We have studied a range of international playwrights (including German) and they offer a welcome European cultural perspective which supports the understanding for the rest of the class." 


Robert Griffiths, Auckland

Robert ist ein Kollege von Jackie, auch er unterrichtet an der Epsom Girls Grammer School in Auckland.

"I think that it is a wonderful opportunity for the local students to meet and form friendships with international students. I know that many local students keep in touch with the overseas students after they leave school and it provides a fantastic chance for them to make global connections and maintain contact with a friend in another part of the world.

As a teacher, I find it fascinating to find out about the educational systems in their own country. I also find that the German students generally come with very high language ability in Latin which means they can contribute to the class in a meaningful way."


Sarah Wakeford, Auckland

Sarah ist Lehrerin am Rangitoto College

"On average Rangitoto College has around 350 international students who pass through the school during the course of our academic year. Some come for short term (just a few weeks) and others attend for the entire academic year. The main countries we have international students from are: Brazil, China, Germany, Japan, Korea, Thailand and Colombia.

We find the German students are very independent and have specific ideas of what they want to study and achieve while at Rangitoto College. Generally the German students arrive in New Zealand with very good English. Many make the most of their time in New Zealand by travelling in the holidays and seeing the country."