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Praktikum in Brighton: Bewerbungstipps

Karen Stages vermittelt in Kooperation mit GLS jedes Jahre mehr als 100 internationale Praktikanten in Firmen in Brighton und Umgebung. Karen sieht sich alle Bewerbungen an, sie bessert nach wo nötig, und sie kontaktiert aufgrund der Unterlagen die Unternehmen oder Institutionen, die sie für just diesen Bewerber oder diese Bewerberin für geeignet hält.

In your opinion, what are the Do´s and Don’ts for writing a good CV?

  1. Attention to detail
    The first step is attention to detail, spelling, grammar layout etc. First impressions are vital and mistakes at this point are noticed.
  2. Always give an accurate English level
    which is something the company will be looking at. Although it is not good to give too high a level, a lot of students ‘undersell’ themselves and are better than they think.
  3. I.T skills
    need to be clear.
  4. Make sure it is the right level of information.
    Not too many words but enough to make the company interested.
  5. Be positive not negative

On their first day in Brighton, all interns attend an orientation session in your office. What do you discuss during this meeting?

We go over the details you have already provided to them before they arrive – regarding dress code, confidentiality etc and generally make sure that the students understand the role they will have in the company, and what they might expect to experience in terms of support, conversation etc. We make sure they are aware that we are here to support them throughout their stay, even though their primary relationships will be with their hosts and their colleagues at their work placement.

Do you stay in touch with the interns during their time in Brighton?

Yes, as we’ve said already – we make sure they are aware of how they might contact us at all times. More formally, we contact them after one week to check they are settling in ok. We also have a final evaluation meeting so we have their feedback of the overall experience. If they are here for more than a couple of months we make a point of contacting them mid-way through their stay.

What kind of companies do you place interns in? What are their expectations from an intern?

We have well-established relationships with a wide range of companies, throughout Brighton & Hove, so we can best match the students requests for specific placements. Mostly we offer General Administration opportunities in areas that are of interest to students. Some students request placements that are particularly relevant to their studies, others want to make sure they have the best opportunities for conversation to improve their languages skills.
Students are expected to be polite, professional and reliable at work – and the companies really do involve them in the day-to-day business and help them feel part of the team.

Is there a particular dress code for working in a British company?

We always say “smart casual” as a dress code – and specifically no denim jeans. Some companies are more casual, but it is better to look smarter as we only have one chance to create a first impression!

And finally, what kind of advise would you give a German intern for a successful placement?

We would recommend coming with an open mind and be prepared to accept differences in culture. We are all Europeans, but each country has their own individual style. Brighton is a very special town with a variety of attractions, and we are sure they will have a lovely time.

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