Business English in Berlin

All Business English courses provide training for the English that you need in a professional context, regardless of the industry in which you work: for meetings, telephone calls, presentations, small talk, at trade fairs abroad. The only exception is the Legal English course for lawyers. All teachers are native speakers. Please sign up no later than one week before the course starts.

Evening course MON & WED, 6.30 - 8.30, 1 month from 180 €


1. month2. and 3. monthfrom the 4. month
210 €+ 190 € / month+ 180 € / month

  • 20 teaching units à 45 minutes in 4 weeks
  • start: every first Monday of the moths
  • levels B2-C2
  • max. 10 students per class
  • course materials included
  • placement: by online test plus 5 minute phone interview

Course description

The course is aimed at anyone who wants to improve their fluency in work-related communication skills. Speaking is at the forefront but the course will practice all four skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking as well as expanding vocabulary in general business areas. The exact content will change from month to month but each course focuses on the following core areas:

  • Talking about your job/current projects
  • Reading, listening and speaking activities related to current business topics based on articles, podcasts and TED talks
  • Meetings
  • Presentations
  • Business writing skills
  • Vocabulary building and grammar revision
  • Social English and small talk

There is some room for participants to influence the topics and the exact content of the course according to their own interests. For example, students can make a presentation on a business topic of their own choosing and, by using a framework approach, students can talk about topics that are related to their own areas of work. In addition, the teacher will carry out a needs’ analysis at the beginning of the course.

The teacher will work with a mixture of published, authentic and tailor-made material. All course materials are included and will be provided by the teacher.

Intensive course 1 week, daytime (Bildungsurlaub) 330 €


  • course material fee included
  • max. 10 students per class
  • Levels B2-C2
  • can also recognized as educational leave (Bildungsurlaub) more
  • Accommodation at on-campus hotel of our language school possible at discounted rates: mehr
MON - FRI09.00 - 14.302nd MO/month *30 x 45 minutes in 1 week330 €
* except in June, July and August (no intensive Business English courses in summer)
One-to-one 10 x 45 minutes 450 €


  • additional € 30 course material fee
  • time and place upon agreement
English for Business Communication 60 x 45 Minutes 2.580 €

English for Business Communication


  • 60 Unterrichtseinheiten im Einzelunterricht mit dem Schwerpunkt English for Business Communication (buchbar auf Niveau A2, B1/B2 und C1)
  • Termine nach Absprache, auf Wunsch auch an Ihrem Arbeitsplatz
  • Es werden alle vier Sprachfertigkeiten: Hören, Sprechen, Lesen und Schreiben gefördert. Berücksichtigt und trainiert werden hier insbesondere die für das Berufsleben typischen Fähigkeiten und Kommunikationssituationen, d.h. im Einzelnen: meetings, telephoning, small talk, business correspondence, presentations, negotiating
  • Das Curriculum bzw. genauere Unterrichtsinhalte schicken wir gern auf Anfrage zu
  • Lehrmittel inklusive
  • kann als Bildungsurlaub anerkannt werden (mehr dazu)
Private Course 10 x 45 minutes 480 €


  • Private Course = a course where up to 5 of your friends or colleagues can join
  • 480 € for 10 teaching units, fixed price for 2 to 6 persons
  • additional 30 course material fee
  • time and place upon agreement
Legal English English for lawyers (Bildungsurlaub) 375 €

GLS has a lot of expertise in teaching legal English, the teachers have a legal background and, just as importantly, are qualified teachers of English as a Foreign Language.


Course Materials

We work with course books of Pearson, Hueber and Klett and we use our own tailor made course material.


The University of Cambridge in England awards globally recognized Business English Certificates (BEC) which certify proficiency in English for professionals after reaching the B1 Level. Corresponding certification exams may be taken at GLS (more). 

Business Courses - English

With Business English you can also work abroad in language schools which specialize in English language courses for professionals. GLS organizes Business English courses in the UK, Malta, and the USA.